Marriage Counseling

A large portion of services at Cherith Counseling Center is with couples and families. Rebuilding trust and healing from a break in the marital vow, whether an emotional affair or the sudden discovery by a spouse of a sexual addiction on the computer, Sandra has a lot of experience working with couples to rebuild the marital relationship. In the majority of cases, this is possible. It will be necessary to work through the different stages of forgiveness which include shock, anger, depression, and restoration of trust.

Another aspect of marital therapy is the building of emotional and sexual compatibility. Often there are needs that differ between men and women. For example, often women do not realize the strong need for sexual fulfillment in their husbands and husbands do not realize the deep need for meaningful conversation that most women have. Much can be done to strengthen the marital relationship. Seeking professional help earlier rather than later can make all the difference. Sandra believes in keeping families together where at all possible, and will work very hard to do so. Usually, this is can be done, though not always. The stakes are high and intervention may involve community resources or the involvement of a church pastor or priest.

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