Outpatient Counseling

Everyone needs to work through and process the information and emotions connected to the events of our daily lives. This is a natural process our minds perform every day. It organizes our memory and helps us plan to do what needs to be done the next day as we head to bed. However, when particularly upsetting things happen, even family members and friends who try to listen and give advice may not be able to help a person find relief from emotional pain and suffering.

In my practice, I strive to provide an accepting and compassionate place for my clients to work through situations that have recently happened or perhaps happened long ago. Often a person is not even aware of what it was that has resulted in a deep sadness they can't seem to climb out of, or just why they struggle with fearfulness and anxiety or worry. Throughout my career of over 26 years in this field, I have developed and been trained in skills and techniques that work with people that need to emotionally heal. There are specific techniques that are effective in bringing about relief. There are skills I teach my clients that they can use to cope with loss, abuse, and trauma. It is not necessary to continue to struggle when help is available. Taking the step of getting professional help could be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

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